5 Keys To Great Wedding Makeup

Key #1: Look Like You

You might be wondering what we mean by this, or perhaps you know exactly what we mean. You’ve watched that bride walk down the aisle, and you don’t recognize her. She never wears makeup, and now you see a makeup-packed face. Perhaps she normally wears a lot of makeup, but now you only see a little or a completely different look.

Generally you want to make sure that when your groom sees you walking down the aisle, he sees the woman he has fallen in love with – just an enhanced version. You want to see the sparkle in his eye, not a look of confusion! And when you look in the mirror, you want to see you too.

Key #2: Matte Make-up

A beautiful makeup application in person may not translate well with high-quality photography. Especially when it comes to high glitter/shimmer makeup. The way certain finishes of makeup catch the flash of the camera can cause a glare or odd cast on your skin tone. If you have textured skin (fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, etc.), glitter and shimmer can bring more attention to that.

Here is the catch though–even though it is important to keep your photos in mind, every bride wants to feel beautiful in person too! We recommend maybe a little shimmer on the cheek bones or maybe a little bit of gloss to the lips. Just the right amount of beauty in person and beauty that will last forever in your photos.

Key #3: Make Your Photos Timeless

Have you ever looked at a wedding photo and thought to yourself, “Yep, that wedding happened in the 80’s”? The telltale signs of blue eyeshadow and fluffy crimped hair. While we do recommend staying more true to how you present yourself on a daily basis, if you have a look that places you in a particular decade or follows a particular trend, we recommend considering a different approach. Especially if you want your look to have that timeless quality. In a few years, that trend you thought would last forever is a thing of the past.

Key #4: Lighting

Have you ever finished applying your makeup, felt like you nailed it, just to walk to your car and look in the mirror to see your face looks nothing like the rest of your skin? Or maybe what you thought was blended doesn’t look so blended anymore? The truth is, makeup looks different in all different types of light (incandescent, natural light, fluorescent light, etc.). Determine where you are going to be spending most of your time on your wedding day (indoor, outdoor, etc.) and make sure your makeup looks great in that type of lighting. As a baseline, check your makeup in natural lighting because that is where you’ll catch any flaws in the basic application.

Key#5: Make It Last

Don’t skimp on makeup quality. Special occasion makeup isn’t worth it unless it lasts for your whole special occasion! Use makeup with high quality ingredients, a good quality waterproof mascara, and a primer as well as a quality finishing powder/spray. Also make sure you take good care of your skin with a quality cleanser, toner, and moisturizer leading up to your big day so that you have the ideal canvas for your big day.

Let Us Help You!

These are just a few of our recommendations among the many other considerations we have when working on brides and bridesmaids. Book a wedding trial with us and let us help create a beautiful hair/makeup look for your special day.

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