Stylist / Colorist

Yesenia (who also goes by Jessi) actually did not want to be a stylist. Her mother, Eva, had been giving her manikins to work on since she was a child. She had no interest until her best friends decided to study cosmetology. Not wanting to be separated she went ahead and started her schooling. During this time she came to Salon Alure as a support staff member. Not only did she discover that being a stylist came naturally to her, she discovered that she loved it. Jessie especially likes “making people feel good about themselves” and loves to see great change when she does makeovers.

On Team Since: 2006

Expertise in: Balayage/Ombre, Color & Make-up

Personal style: Modern and edgy

Favorite life quote: "Surround yourself with people who life you higher."

Favorite celebrity: Jennifer Lopez

Favorite beauty product: Pureology Strength Cure Line

Best beauty tip: Nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle is a must.