Owner & Stylist / Colorist
Manisha, Harman’s wife, became a stylist because of the encouragement of her husband. She had studied and earned a degree in the computer industry, but as jobs in that market were so hard to come by, she took the alternate route and found her calling. After finishing cosmetology school she apprenticed at Elizabeth Arden and completed her time there just in time for the opening of the first Salon Alure. She especially enjoys challenging cuts, long or short, and coloring. Currently she is not on the floor, instead taking care of Salon accounting.

On Team Since: 2004

Expertise in: Salon Management

Personal style: Relaxed

Favorite life quote: "All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work at some point."

Favorite celebrity: Mother Theresa

Favorite beauty product: Aveda's Be Curly Line

Best beauty tip: Take time out of your life to treat yourself.