Angaleigh Ingram

Angaleigh N. Ingram

Angaleigh is a new asset to the Salon Alure family, but has been a loyal customer since 2011. She resides in Bluemont with her soon to be husband Shawn and two beautiful children.
Before moving to VA in 2011, she attended the University of Maryland where she became a licensed Emergency Medical Technician.
In 2014, she decided she wanted to focus on the personal care of others and joined the spa industry. Helping others feel their best is her main priority.
She hopes to own a luxury spa and create an environment of peace and tranquility.

On Team Since: 2017

Expertise In: Customer Care and Marketing

Personal Style: Business Casual

Favorite Life Quote: Everything happens for a reason.

Favorite Celebrity: Richard Gere

Favorite Beauty Product: Pureology Mask Treatment

Best Beauty Tip: Beauty Starts With A Smile