Owner & Master Colorist
Harman began his career in the beauty industry as an apprentice in a Reston Town Center Salon. Today, he is the owner of Salon Alure, Purcellville, VA: a 1500 square foot Aveda Concept Salon and Spa. Harman’s road to success began in 1995, while working under the Danial Benzami owner of Le Shoppe, Va. After 5 years, Harman moved to Loudon County where within a year, the vision of owning his own salon began. His first venture was an intimate 300 square foot, four-chair salon in Middleburg, VA.
By his second anniversary; Harman had outgrown the original space. Fortunately, another space became available. Harman and his staff, which had doubled in the second year, moved into a 1500 square foot salon. Harman’s ultimate dream to make a true family lifestyle salon became a reality, with the opening of his 1500 square foot salon spa at the East Main Street, Purcellville, VA. Harman has 3 beautiful kids and lives with his family in Purcellville.

On Team Since: 2014

Expertise in: color and guest consultation

Personal style: Relaxed. Sophisticated preppy.

Favorite life quote: "One day at a time."

Favorite celebrity: Mother Theresa

Favorite beauty product: Pureology 21 Essential Benefits

Best beauty tip: Drink water and do basic yoga!


Owner & Stylist / Colorist
Manisha, Harman’s wife, became a stylist because of the encouragement of her husband. She had studied and earned a degree in the computer industry, but as jobs in that market were so hard to come by, she took the alternate route and found her calling. After finishing cosmetology school she apprenticed at Elizabeth Arden and completed her time there just in time for the opening of the first Salon Alure. She especially enjoys challenging cuts, long or short, and coloring. Currently she is not on the floor, instead taking care of Salon accounting.

On Team Since: 2004

Expertise in: Salon Management

Personal style: Relaxed

Favorite life quote: "All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work at some point."

Favorite celebrity: Mother Theresa

Favorite beauty product: Aveda's Be Curly Line

Best beauty tip: Take time out of your life to treat yourself.


Stylist / Colorist
Rashmi is part of the family affair at Salon Alure. Harman, Rashmi’s brother-in-law and founder of Salon Alure, convinced her to take the plunge and study to become a stylist. She never thought that though she would take something that she did for fun as a child and do it for fun as an adult. Rashmi loves the technical aspects to being a stylist and thrives on learning more theory and implementing that in her work. She is precise with flair whether she is cutting or coloring.

On Team Since: 2006

Expertise in: Color, Cutting, Threading

Personal style: Classic

Favorite life quote: "Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle, gorgeous at the end."

Favorite celebrity: Angelina Jolie

Favorite beauty product: Aveda's Smooth Infusion

Best beauty tip: Be sure to get regular conditioning treatments to maintain the health of your hair.


Stylist / Colorist
Eva has been a stylist for 25 years. Her start was in Mexico where for some time not only was she behind the chair, but a stylist instructor as well. Even with all her qualifications she continues to educate herself as a stylist. Eva strives to make her guests “happy”. And that she does with her marvelous scalp massage. She makes each guest feel like they are her only guest and “does the most she can do” for each person.

On Team Since: 2006

Expertise in: Color, Cutting, Perms, Updos

Personal style: Natural

Favorite life quote: "I'm thankful for every moment."

Favorite celebrity: Jennifer Lopez

Favorite beauty product: Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray

Best beauty tip: Eat healthy for great looking hair and skin.


Stylist & Master Colorist

Jesse Z is a Master Stylist and color specialist and has 18 years experience. He has trained under Vidal Sassoon, Aveda, Toni & Guy. His expertise is in color corrections, precision cutting and challenging hair textures. He is very knowledgeable about current styles and trends.

On Team Since: 2013. Been in the industry for over 20 years.

Expertise in: A little of everything. I love meeting new people.

Personal style: Modern, European

Favorite life quote: Humans are softer than a flower and harder than a rock.

Favorite celebrity: Denzel Washington

Favorite beauty product: Pureology Nano Shampoo and Conditioner

Best beauty tip: Learn how to blow dry your hair to make your haircut look the best.


Master Esthetician

Olga’s first clients were her father and mother. As a little girl growing up in Colombia, Olga subjected her parents to various and many beauty treatments from facials to pedicures utilizing her mother’s beauty supplies. What was play became more serious as she furthered her education as an apprentice at her mother’s best friend’s salon. For ten years Olga has been helping people “show their best”. Any of Olga’s guests will tell you that she will work on you until a beautiful result is achieved whether she is giving you a facial or performing a waxing service.

On Team Since: 2006

Expertise in: Facials/Skin Care, Waxing

Personal style: Modern preppy

Favorite life quote: "Stop doubting yourself, work hard, and make it happen."

Favorite celebrity: Enrique Iglesias

Favorite beauty product: Murad Invisiblur

Best beauty tip: Get regular, professional level facials to keep your skin in its best condition.


Stylist / Colorist

Jose has been a stylist for over three years. He specializes in color and cutting. He loves meeting new people, determining the best look for his guests, and recommending solutions for his guest’s beauty challenges. He was inspired to become a stylist by his family (Eva and Jessi), who work at Salon Alure as well.

On Team Since: April 2015

Expertise in: Color/cut

Personal style: Modern versatile

Favorite life quote: "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."

Favorite celebrity: Jason Statham

Favorite beauty product: Aveda Grooming Clay

Best beauty tip: Always use heat protectant when using heat/thermal tools on your hair!


Stylist / Colorist

Yesenia (who also goes by Jessi) actually did not want to be a stylist. Her mother, Eva, had been giving her manikins to work on since she was a child. She had no interest until her best friends decided to study cosmetology. Not wanting to be separated she went ahead and started her schooling. During this time she came to Salon Alure as a support staff member. Not only did she discover that being a stylist came naturally to her, she discovered that she loved it. Jessie especially likes “making people feel good about themselves” and loves to see great change when she does makeovers.

On Team Since: 2006

Expertise in: Balayage/Ombre, Color & Make-up

Personal style: Modern and edgy

Favorite life quote: "Surround yourself with people who life you higher."

Favorite celebrity: Jennifer Lopez

Favorite beauty product: Pureology Strength Cure Line

Best beauty tip: Nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle is a must.


Guest Services Expert & Future Professional

Desiree has over 20 years experience in the salon industry- with a strong passion for the hair and beauty industry for most of her life. She takes pride in all that she does and it shows in her work—from washing your cares down the drain with her relaxing shampoos, to going above and beyond for Salon Alure’s guests. Her main focus is to give the guests the best possible experience while they’re in her care. She currently attends The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School in Frederick, MD and is studying to become a licensed stylist.

On Team Since: March 2015

Expertise in: Guest customer service

Personal style: Contemporary

Favorite life quote: "Why not go out on a limb.. Isn't that where the fruit is?"

Favorite celebrity: Ellen DeGeneres. She is the perfect role model and an inspiration to show us that we are all strong and beautiful!

Favorite beauty product: Pureology Strength Cure Line - It's the absolute best! I'm obsessed with healthy hair and this product will deliver just that!

Best beauty tip: For beautiful lips, speak words of kindness. For beautiful eyes, see the good in people. For a beautiful figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers thru it. And for beautiful poise, walk with the knowledge that you will never be alone.

Emily Shipe

Stylist / Colorist

Emily has been in the salon industry since 2014. With a deep passion for hair and making people feel beautiful, Emily is always up for a challenge and learning new things. A few of her favorite specialty areas are color, trendy cuts and finishing. Emily is also talented with men’s cuts, facial waxing and make-up! Come visit Emily for an amazing experience! She would be more than happy to make YOU feel beautiful!

On Team Since: September 2016

Expertise in: Trendy/Edgy haircuts and color.

Personal style: Classic and Contemporary.

Favorite life quote: Scars are like tattoos, but with better stories.

Favorite celebrity: Johnny Depp because he is a true actor and he can play any part with ease! I love his style and think he is very humble. I would love to meet him!

Favorite beauty product: Control paste from Aveda.You can use it for textured look

Best beauty tip: Madness is genius... Imperfection is beauty. When you look good, you naturally feel good - so keep up with personal maintenance.


New Talent Stylist

I am a great listener and planner.I love to get to know people.I just finished master program successfully at Salon Alure.I love Korean style and eventually want to do hair in korea.

On Team Since: February 2016

Expertise in: Cutting,Custom color,Foils

Personal style: Simple and soft

Favorite life quote: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son,that whosoever believe in Him should not perish,but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Favorite celebrity: None

Favorite beauty product: Pureology style & Care - This product offers light weight conditioning and volume.

Best beauty tip: Be yourself!


Stylist / Colorist

Jaclyn has been a part of the Salon Alure team for over a year now and is a graduate of Paul Mitchell Schools. She loves all things hair — specifically color, highlights, and cutting. She loves creating new looks for her guests that are fitting to their lifestyles, personalities, and overall look. Jaclyn has had the honor of becoming a 2016 Professional Beauty Association Beacon winner for hair styling, which allowed her to attend the North American Hairstylist Awards (NAHA), as well as special trainings with celebrity stylists. Call and book an appointment with her today!

On Team Since: June 2015

Expertise in: Listening to the challenges and desires of our guests for their look

Personal style: Mix of bohemian chic and classic casual

Favorite life quote: Don't live life with regrets! You are never too young to make a difference, and you are never too old to do something you love.

Favorite celebrity: John Mayer - you can't deny his talent!

Favorite beauty product: Pureology Pure Volume Styling Cream - leave in conditioner and styling product in one!

Best beauty tip: When styling between washes, use a dry shampoo at your roots to stay fresh and use Bobbi pins to pin your hair up into a chic updo.



I have been a cosmetologist since 2005.It is my passion to make others feel great about themselves.I have spent a lot of time to further my education to stay up to date with techniques and styles.My favorite things to do include razor cuts,custom color and foil highlights.

On Team Since: August 2016

Expertise in: Razor cutting,Custom color,Foils

Personal style: I love fun,textured and edgy styles.

Favorite life quote: Always believe in yourself.

Favorite celebrity: Megan Fox - I love her style

Favorite beauty product: Pureology Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - Cleanses to remove the build up and oil and conditions without weighing the hair down.Uses natural plant extracts such as lavender, ylang ylang and sandlewood.

Best beauty tip: A woman is most beautiful when she smiles.


Braiding & Children Specialist

When it comes to treating the entire family, Priscilla is your girl! She is very family oriented and adores children. What drives her is the deep passion she carries for life and happiness. Priscilla is always up for a challenge – pushing herself to continue her education everyday. She appreciates all aspects of the beauty industry and believes in working together as a team with her fellow stylists as well as her guests.

On Team Since: December 2015

Expertise in: Braiding & Children

Personal style: Casual & Girly

Favorite life quote: You are braver then you believe, stronger than you know and smarter than you think. - A.A. Milne

Favorite celebrity: Leonardo D'Caprio because he is so versatile with his work and can morph into any character with ease.

Favorite beauty product: Any of the Redken Finishing Products because not only do they carry a finishing product for all hair types, but they also perform.

Best beauty tip: Eyebrow grooming is a must in my opinion- not only does it make the eye area bigger and give you a more youthful appearance, it also enhances the entire face.


Support Staff

Emylee has been a member of Salon Alure since 2010 – taking a three year hiatus to study special effects make-up and prosthetics design in Chicago. She is so excited to be back and part of the team! Emylee is currently continuing her education as a cosmetology student. She is very passionate about beauty and people – striving to make each and every guest look and feel their very best.

On Team Since: April 2010

Expertise in: Customer service and special effects make-up.

Personal style: Edgy & Fun!

Favorite life quote: Earth, without 'art', is just 'eh'..

Favorite celebrity: David Draiman because he has an amazing voice and is very active in protecting the environment, as well as human rights.

Favorite beauty product: Pureology Style & Care Curly Complete because it helps to tame and smooth curl. It also has a 'no product feel' and it's a treatment and styling aid all in one!

Best beauty tip: Never be afraid to try something new. If you don't take the risk, you will never know what the reward could have been.

Deb Barrows

Stylist / Colorist
Debra has been a stylist for 11 years and an instructor for 6 years. She loves a challenge and is extremely patient. She has so much love and passion for the cosmetology industry. She takes joy in the transformation process and loves that there is no end to learning in this field.

On Team Since: December 2016

Expertise in: extensions/color/cuts/bangs

Personal style: classic-chic

Favorite life quote: "What great things could you accomplish if you knew you could not fail" Schultz

Favorite celebrity: Blake Lively, she is a perfect example that beauty can be simple, natural and pure.

Favorite beauty product: Pureology's cleansing conditioner, colour fanatic 21 hair beautifier, and Aveda's smoothing fluid lotion.

Best beauty tip: #1. Your outward appearance shows how much you love yourself on the inside, take care of you. #2. Eyebrows will either make or break your face.


Sydney Perry

Stylist / Colorist

On team since: February 2017

Expertise in: Color,Balayage,Ombre,Highlights

Personal style: Energetic,trendy & modern

Favorite life quote: "Be a pineapple, stand tall ,wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside".

Favorite celebrity: God

Favorite beauty product: Pureology,Redken

Best beauty tip: Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.